The EASIEST Carp Fishing Rig To Tie

Welcome to another phishing tutorial in this episode we're going to show you how to tie a simple carp fishing ring, carp fishing can seem quite daunting when it comes to roost and end tackle, but we like to keep things really simple. And with only a few different items, you can quickly create a very effective, carp fishing setup for the break. You will need your chosen pattern of hook and a spool of coated braid for the lead setup. You will need a lead clip, a towel rubber your chosen lead and a size 8. Ring swivel other items, you'll need to include a baiting needle, bait stops sharp scissors and your chosen hook base. Firstly, take 12 inches of cost braid and strip back three inches by a smaller overhand loop. Not in the section of bread that you have stripped back.

This will create your hair. Next push your chosen hook bait onto a baiting needle thread it onto the hair and secure with the base. Stop take your hook and thread it on to the braid from the back of the eye, pull the hook right down until it's. Nearly touching the hook face to secure your hook in place tie a knot, this knot, wrapping ten times around the shank before pushing the braid back through the eye of the hook to learn how to tie a knot. Let's, not we have a knot tying playlist on this channel. So feel free to pause the video and check it out your hooks and hook bait is now secured in place. And to finish the braid, you simply need to tie an overhand loop.

Knot in the other end of the braid just make sure the loop is big enough for your. Hook baits to fit through, and this will be necessary when attaching your rig, the lead system to tie up your leg systems, take your mainline and thread on a tower of a followed by a lead clip using a half block nuts tie on a size eight ring swivel to secure the leg clip in place pull the swivel into the liquid until it clicks clip on the leg of your choice, onto the arm of the lead clip, moisten the lake clip and then lightly push the Tara. But over the top to attach the rig to the leg system threads. The loop through the ring of the swivel pause, the hook and hook bait through the loop and pull everything down tight. The break is now finished.

You can experiment with a variety of hook baits, including fake corn boy, leaves tiger nuts and pepper. Army. This route can also be quickly changed into a pop-up presentation, make a break in the coated braid about an inch away from the hook and squeeze on a split shot to sync the pop-up you now have a pop-up rig, which is perfect for sitting over light weed or. Soaked, we hope this video has helped you learn more about carp fishing and how simple it can really be, of course, there are so many other ways and different tactics to use to catch carp. But this is a good starting point.

And in 99% of scenarios, this will work perfectly make sure to hit subscribe to never miss another fishing tutorial. You.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022