The Best Spiral-Sliced Hams You Can Buy Online

Today, we're going to be tasting ham, which is one of the oldest and most popular cured pork products in the world. In fact, it's so old that there was a man in Cato, the Elder who wrote about making ham in Roman times. But today we have Jack the younger who is going to show us which supermarket ham tastes bad, I, promise. None of these you're, 2,000 years old, that's, good. So why don't you start tasting? These are spiral sliced ham audience by the way has already sampled these. They've already figured out which.

One is the best, and they agree with the expert panel and chose the winner. These have already been smoked and cooked you're, really basically just warming the ham. And if it's already been sliced, you don't have any work to do big difference. Here is the balance between the four key flavors. So the four key flavors here are meatiness smoked salt and sweetness. Okay, second thing is textural differences. So these are all wet cured.

So that means they're either soaked in a brine or injected with a brine and. Then they're tumbled. And so they've huge like industrial dryers that they put these hams in, and they tumble them for two or 24 hours, it's tenderizing, the meat, it's also working in the brine, but it also forces out liquid, and it can make them dry that was a big factor in our ratings. So anything that you're noticing here is you were tasting these what differences you were picking up, definitely some textural differences.

And one in particular this one was overwhelmingly salty, assault was just blocked. Out the other meaty flavor. So this was my least favorite bite on this. One was certainly over tumbled I'm guessing there, of course. But this one was a bit dry. It was a bit mealy when I ate it.

But this ham on the other hand, the flavor was nicely unbalanced. It was moist, and it was juicy, but it wasn't spongy which I'm also very wary of. So this was by far my favorite at least tune, not even close.

What do you want to start with let's start with Mr. salty? Okay, you chose the Koch's spiral. Sliced ham. Okay, This was in the middle of the pack.

It has the most salt. My fart is 50% more salt than the other brands. And it tastes very salty. All right.

What about Mr. dry? This is the honey baked. And the texture was I think suboptimal here. This is the sweetest ham, but people who love a really sweet, ham, gravitated to this, despite the fact it's a little drier, okay. And this guy then Julia decided the winner.

You agree with the studio audience. This is from North, Carolina, Johnston County. We thought had the perfect. Balance of salt smoke sweetness and that porky deliciousness that makes ham such a great favorite. Alright. So there you have it. The brand of ham really does make a difference.

And for our money, well, we're going with Johnston County spiral, sliced ham. Thanks for watching cooks country from America's, Test, Kitchen. So what'd, you think leave a comment and let us know which recipes you're excited to make or just say I. Now, you can find links to today's recipes and reviews in the video description and.

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Dated : 18-Apr-2022