All right? Hello, everyone so I'm going to be showing you all how to open up XP, expect and run a descriptive statistics analysis on a series of numbers. Um, first thing, we're going to do well probably get started I'm going to let, you know that I'm doing this on a MacBook Air, and I am running left off version. Ten point, fourteen point six, which is not the most up-to-date software update currently I, just haven't updated my software yet. But that is what I'm using first thing I'm going to do is open up my. Web browser I, generally use Google Chrome here, and I'm going to put in UCF apps, which will take a threat to our website that we need to be on.

You can also bookmark this page because it makes it easier click login to UCF apps right here. And that will open up the Citrix Workspace I'm going to log on. So just change my password now have the most up-to-date password there. We go we'll save that.

And as you can see how much recently used app my only you staff, in fact, is the SPSS app, so I'm going to go. Ahead and open that up, yes, open I've noticed. It goes a little slow sometimes. But if you give it time and be patient, sorry, it will happen.

Eventually, this is the time I usually go grab a snack while I'm waiting on a held laughs here we are won't unless they're. Okay, here we are. First thing I'm going to do is open up a new file by clicking new data set open and Avenue file.

Alright for this demonstration, I'm going to be using the example of violent outbreaks on compared between soccer fans, And football fans, youth in one of our homework assignments from not to over here. So I am just going to go ahead and put in the years one. And in our next column, I'm going to put in the soccer, um data, and I'm, just putting in the number and hitting Enter. And it tabs down to the next row just to let you all know. And our third problem is going to be a football.

Now, while I like to do is come over here to variable view and that's, where I put in the name to label this column years, Walker football. And you. Can also control if you don't want those columns to be as wide, you can bring them down a little if you don't want any decimals which really isn't necessary. In this case, you need to just put through and see everything else looks good when we come back over here.

And we see now that we have names right here, which just makes it easier to be able to use those datasets. Whenever you do your analysis, we might make this bigger to. So you all can see very well now, I'm going to come up to the top here. Where it says, analyze, and I'm going to click, it comes down to your descriptive statistics since that's, what we are looking at today and again, click, descriptive, right here, I'm going to pull over soccer and football, because those are the only thing you really need to Mon. You want to look at your options right here to make sure everything is accurate and what army standard deviation.

Go ahead and get minimum, maximum looks good and I, usually, and we're going to click OK. And here you have your min x. Mean and your standard deviation laid out plaintiff a for you now for our next step I'm going to show you how to save this information in order to submit, if I'm going to go back into Google Chrome here, open up a new tab and I like to use Google Docs, because it is a great way to save all of my documents online. So that I'm able to access them wherever I am if I happen to be using someone else's computer I can go on like here and pull all of my documents as you see, so I might open up a new blank. Document here, this is also a great way to submit assignments in PDF and Word format, because you can download these documents in that format, but I'll actually have a word or yeah on your computer.

So now I'm going to come back over to minimizes come back over to SPSS. This is what we want. So if you are on a MacBook, and you tap both fingers at the same time, you can copy come over here and paste. And there you go.

And we title this SPSS full file download as one the accepted format in the class is PDF. And I find that that is the best way to do it because I have not had any problems with it. So far everything seems to transition very smoothly when I use PDF, rather than word. There have been a couple of times that whatever I saved on this document did not transfer over into my Word document for whatever reason when I saved it. It just wasn't there.

So I've never had that issue saving as a PDF so that's, what I'm going to do. And as we can see it, downloaded right here. And when you open it up now, we. Have it, and this is a lot better than doing a screenshot of your work. Because when I've noticed that when you do a screenshot, it comes out kind of blurry and copying. And pasting is a lot much easier way to do that without giving a blurry picture all right.

And then, of course, you would go into my UCF web courses and your assignment, and then just upload that file. We all know how to do that so that's all I hope you find this very helpful and that's.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022