Shirou And Saber Vs Holy Grail [Fate/stay Night 2006]

I can't, save you guys, I, can't, save you. The yeah, f. 4 ex, Oh, yeah, f, 4 ex, Oh, wake up, If, you're, a Room, You can give the Holy Grail here. Now.

I wonder if that didn't appear until there was only one person left, But the vessel is different. If. There are only two servants left, The Holy Grail is already nearing completion. The. Holy Grail is waiting for you to see it at the sacrifice house. If. There is a suitable person, I will gladly have the Holy Grail.

First, I want to hear your words. Ten. Years ago, that day, what did you really do?? Before storage, Stop, Under, the rubble Everyone asks for help I just ignored it I just asked for my help Yeah I, couldn't, stop touching because I couldn't stop touching Many dying. People ran ignoring their voices I'm alive. I thought it was a lie if it wasn't there, But there was only one stain, And everyone else was desperately disciplined, Etc.

The. People who died just stretched forward I wanted to be forgiven 10 years ago, So I thought I could start. Over again, because I didn't have 9 AME I'm going to the Holy Grail No, such thing, even if I can redo the horns, those tears, that memory, gouge, my chest, the solid coldness, the years that everyone has endured, many deaths and sorrows, I have to make it meaningless Isn't.

It. The only way to leave what is lost by holding it and moving forward? As. If I was bound by their death and protected by the memories of Kiritsugu I believe that I will change it No matter how much it is damaged or unhealed, I. Believe it is not wrong.

I'm sorry, I, can't, bend the poetry because of what the cherry blossoms have left behind How. Are you dehydrated? ?, English like Shirt, Emily. Strong. Evil.

Dew is the master. If. He was by his side, He might have dated a peaceful country for a long time. I want to make another selection. I swear, I'll, fulfill my responsibilities as a king, And if I pull out my sword, I've thrown away a lot of things and fought for the people. Even.

If there was, I shouldn't ask for redo, I, Protected Oak, but the country didn't. Protect it. The result was miserable, But there was no cloudiness in the process. I spilled a lot of things to get it, But the one I kept until the end kept it in my heart, but it didn't come true. Let's, see this dream to the end I want the Holy Grail, I, can't kill. If it's like that, I said, I wanted Shirt, I don't need anything that the Holy Grail pollutes me, because I already have everything I wanted, touch.

My hand, it's, painful, it's gone, I've replenished. The sword with magical, power. Soon, the wound will heal.

Maybe it's because Excalibur's, yes, was once lost. There must be a lot of settings. That was Excalibur restraint, because that was probably Kiritsugu's work in me. In. The last battle, Kiritsugu summoned me with the sheath of the Holy Sword as a catalyst.

The sword. Sheath is a way to heal the wounds of its owner. Kiritsugu would have decided that it would be better for him to have it than to return it to me. The battle is over Kiritsugu finds. A dying child burnt down There was only one way to save the child, but Shiva Holy Grail's, sheath Kiritsugu saved his dying life by planting it in the ground. But that's, your healing ability It's. The source.

You can make something like this And I was happy. . Did, I save your life behind me, even though I couldn't protect anything? The Holy Grail was right. Isn't.

What I need. Kiritsugu would have noticed that I couldn't redo, it., Then, I've been lying myself until now., I'm, sorry, , . Thanks to you.

I. Knew the way to go. That Holy Grail was also a dream that I shouldn't have., Please, gel. I made a mistake.

It was a rare day that I couldn't do, But it was a dream that this weak girl had., Grail, West, High-Ok, Yes, Yes I believed you would make that decision Master.

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