Pilotare DJI AIR 2S Con RC Pro È UNA BOMBA!

We are here today, this magical location, think that I have been here without the foundry, and it was beautiful with the evil that two pros. Now we are back with the mix between china and DJ hardware to see how it works to drive. Rs, without its original controller.

And with the new RC pro, we are going to see in this video. So if it is really worth spending 1000 euros to fly, no with sing 3 with her.go. S, you are ready. I can't, wait, while a case that you have bought RC pro or maybe summer using the RC brave.

The first a combo of the sea of what you have to do first, you have to turn on the reciprocal and before, even turning on the drone go to carry out steps that we don't do together to prepare the drone for match NG with hardware that alas. Still today, despite this is the second version of smart controller, it is not as fast as smart intuitive as it would be nice. Once you turn on the controller, and you have to enter the menu. Then we have to go right inside the installation guide and select ergo SA. This point a procedure takes place that sometimes requires the download of a firmware other times, it starts automatically here let it do because the controller as tries to search for the drone, but it does not look for it in reality. It does not find it.

You have to do. It cannot connect to the drone to actually go to connect to the drone. And then at this point before pressing connect, you have to turn on the drone carry out these two steps. Thanks assistant. Ok. Then let's go to turn on the mythical.

Her2 s, whose size is really fantastic. Heck of them would have passed now wait. Then it makes a strange noise star. Anyway, 20 very strange canola since we will go on. We press at this point, connect. And then we hold down the power button on the drone until the acoustic signal at these spikes and two should be talking. So we pressed connect on RC.

Then we pressed the power button on the blog, ok? As you can see, it does not work if it does not work. You have to stop everything. Let people pass behind close. The window you are seeing to redo the installation guide go back to desire 2 sea. This point as you see, the controller tells us that the firmware version is not congruent.

So let's do the firmware update. This is a very impractical thing. I also know very little sense, but it is. So once this update has been carried out we are asked to restart the controller do not do it. No need done. Ok for the dunks. It can't, connect from the drone and go net.

And at this point, they connected because luckily, the. Connection was not closed here otherwise as you can see, I already had my finger ready to redo the pairing now let's start just for a moment. .

We ended up on the other side of the calm, ace perch. The sky was very variable during these hours of shooting is that because we wanted to wait before concluding the review of reciprocal. DJ, LE air 2. S, I made a lot of flights. Simona needs to be assisted. Thank you for the infinite patience in this adventure and I must say that the experience with. The new crazy controller knows that many will hate me because they will probably already be to season the growth in the controller, maybe because we had waited for this review before buying it I must say that it really makes a lot of difference, especially because it is a truly exceptional system to drive much, much better in my opinion, more than the controller.

The gray one I am a little higher. But the sense is that this controller is programmed to drive the thousand euros at best. And they feel in. The sense that the quality of the software of the There is hardware compared to the smart controller, which was a little poorer in terms of hardware capabilities, too here.

We have a superior pro system reactivity and then and the fluidity of the controls and joysticks. And the advantage is truly impeccable compared to using the smartphone is also the video feed, which at 60 frames per second. So everything super fluid. And you can see really well.

It is a real pleasure above all because thanks to. The cousin that 3 we have a signal stability that is higher. And then we also theoretically have a higher range, which I have not had the opportunity to try to comply with the regulations in force. So the shots you have seen in the meantime have all been turn with the new controller and reciprocal can guarantee you. It has no event where no minimum click for the signal. Even if the area is still very large, and there are also several objects that can perhaps break the boxes at the signal. Even if of all.

Nature really beautiful this place. So super positive review could only be so also because we have, however, in your hands, 2,000 euros of products, and it's up to you. Now, the comments are waiting for me. I want to know your thoughts, tell me what you decide to do.

It is not, however, the mutual indispensable to fly. It is certainly today. The only way to fly in opus ink3. But also in housing 2 until today that I flew very well.

Anyway, if you liked the video left as it did remember to share it to ensure that. The algorithm can digest it and also recommend it to other users. I, am I waiting for you at the next good continuation written and above all good, you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022