Hey, what's up cracks like this I'm Diego and welcome to a new video today, I'll, tell you the best tips to become a pro in the game today, the level increased, and therefore you also have to improve so that don't stay behind. And they also break a lot in all game modes. I know that these tips and tricks will work for you. But before you start, remember to leave your good like subscribe to this channel and answer the following question, because if you do it, you will appear in next video I like to play. Solo or duo more, and because you share your answer in the comment box on the screen, the comments left by the band in the last video will be appearing without further ado let's start with this video let's start with this first point that it is important that you consider it and I know, many players who do not do it and therefore lose a lot.

And what you should do is start playing with headphones, I know that some already know this advice, but there are others who do not apply it. And therefore they. Tend to lose here. What I recommend is that in all games. Whenever you go to play, you put on headphones with this guarantee of hearing the enemy players in the different game modes, an example of this. And that is why it helps me a lot is when I am in the qualifying mode.

If someone is changing in a house, they can hear when they change weapons, or if they are running in the same way, they can hear if someone put mine. And it is at that precise moment when I can take the opportunity to lower those. Players. Let me tell you that playing with headphones can help you a lot to always listen to the enemy players. And this advantage is hardly known by many, In addition to the fact that it also allows you to concentrate better.

Something that often happens to me is that if I don't put on my headphones I, hear a lot of noise, and it doesn't allow me to concentrate to get down to somehow many players, which is a serious mistake. Because if this happens, commonly I could not get many kills on the other. Hand if I have headphones, you can only listen to the game. And that helps me a lot to always be attentive in case, someone even brings a car, or if he has in BCS It could be the sound of this weapon, although it has the silencer, It can be heard perfectly and noticing that can help us a lot. So as not to have any doubts and go after that player, if you start using headphones in a short, time, your level will increase, on the other hand, something that it has worked is that I don't have to separate. Myself from the squad this applies to squad duels and qualifying duels in squad idols. As we will know, it is a small map.

However, the first round is important because sometimes it can define if any team is going to win, although also this varies because there are players who know how to come back from the game and can barrel noise, but always try to go together in the first round in case, they go down to AA Someone doing this guarantees you to lift your partner and thus lower the entire squad, of. Course, for this, it will have a lot to do with how you are going to fight, or if you know how to dominate the m-500 or the double pistol, because I have met players who they want to play with the m-500, but they haven't learned to master it. If you learn to use this weapon, you can take down players in one shot.

And that can help you take down the whole squad. There are people who have great command with this weapon, and They know how to take advantage of it to do this. It is clear that always going. Down to a squad, brings you advantages, But here the important thing is that when you are sweating in this modality, the best thing is that you do not separate and always go two by two, that is, If you are doing it in squads 12, they have to go to the right and 2 to the left. So if they take someone down the other player can help him to pick him up and thus be agile to take down the enemy players in the same way it applies for qualifying never go alone, always stay with your squad that wants to.

Continue to loot. In this case, you must have a few loop walls to be able to cover you something else you must do is heal quickly today. There are two skills that personally are the best currently.

And it is that maxim and Lon are one of the best characters to heal you, that is to say that maximum in qualifying. And you can no longer be your best option. Because since there are already many skills, you can change to max reported coco or even to tears, but between the squads, the take to the maximum It. Can help you a lot to heal faster, especially if you want to stay in the last area, and you want to win it, So the area closes when you use the first-aid kits quickly, it can guarantee you survive longer and thus be able to win a confrontation, And if it does not automatically lower, you , your life points will go up, For example, in qualifying, if it works and a lot also in duel of squads, because it is very likely that we will always have clashes.

You can try this, and I am sure that it will work for. You on the other hand, something that I do recommend is that you do not trust yourself for having a good one. This applies a lot in duels of squads having a good rank. It is not everything if you are heroic, it does not mean that you are already a pro, because there will be occasions where you can lose many points or stars. I have met players who are platinum and many kills are made on all the pairings of the squads I have met players that you can make good plays so don't, trust yourself, because you.

Have a good range, the pairing can sometimes not be good. But it does not mean that you will always lose. You must learn to trust your team, because sometimes you can play good players, although still they are in platinum, maybe you could give them a chance, and you will see that they will weigh to win all the rounds something that you should also not do is recharge a lot ho I used to do this, and currently I am leaving it aside because it has happened to me that I am reloading. And this error drops.

It. Is very common in squads when they bring above all shotguns, So let's, remember that? LM 10 is a shotgun that takes a long time to reload anyway, form two shots for so few bullets.

You have to be constantly reloading at that precise moment when they can easily lower you. So the best thing is to stop reloading a lot. And you will see that in a short time, your level will increase, because of this mistake you can lose in some rounds or the entire game in qualifying. If you stop doing this, a pro will start. To do everything. And to finish something that goes hand in hand with the first point is that you should not play with music concentration in some games is important to be able to win, but I have had to play with many people who continue to play with music, especially these pairings or squads in the world where you turn on a microphone or the music is heard at full volume when that is an error. And that is why they cannot improve playing without music guarantees you to be focused on the game and.

Listen to the steps or the mines as I told you in the first point, if you really want to win, you must listen to music just moments before to perhaps be able to motivate you, and thus be able to get noise believe me that this can help you. And in a short time you will recover. It is in flight. I know that these tips and tricks will help you but easy and fast. And so far this video.

These are the best tips to do pro in bring fire. You liked this video don't, forget that you can subscribe to this channel. You can leave your good like in addition to commenting and sharing it without further. Adding see you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022