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Happy Tuesday on today's episode of career tips for actors, I'm going to teach you how to write the best notes for your online submissions. Hey, there, this is AJ Coleman, founder of acting resource guru. And if you're an actor who is doing submissions for yourself, then he might relate to this. You select your headshot.

You select your reel. And then it comes time to press the button to submit. And you see this box for a note, and you're like I have no idea what to write should I write. Thank you. Should. I write looking forward to meeting.

You should, I write I would really love to have an audition for this project. And my answer to you is no. There are some helpful things and some not so helpful things to write. And a general thank-you is just not that helpful. So my goal for you in today's guru tips for actors is to share with you three tips for helpful notes that you can write. But before I do that I want to advise you on a couple of things one you when it keeps the note really brief on actors, Access, for example, only 30 characters show in the note. So she writes a long love letter to the casting director they're, not going to see it, and they're probably not going to bother to read it.

These people are busy the second thing I want to buy is, you are just what I said before make sure it's really helpful and relevant. So that brings me to my three tips for your notes. The first tip is to write a brief note describing where you met the casting director. If you took a workshop with the casting director. Or you met them at a panel discussion, or you have taken a class with them just to remind them of that right. So you might say, I, met you at level up Studios and I would love to see you for this audition, all right something super brief that just reminds them of the relationship.

It's great. When casting directors are looking at submissions and their memories are jogged about how they know you right. And if you made a good impression in that workshop, then that might increase your chances of getting. Called in my second tip for your notes is to include a relevant recent booking. Now, relevant is the key word here casting directors will assume that you have booked work in the past. And if it's something that is related to what you're going in for or what you're hoping to audition for then that's, a great note. For example, if the role is for a guest star on a sitcom, and you just wrapped a guest star on two Broke Girls that might be something to include if you just shot a commercial for baby diapers, That might not be as relevant and might not be as helpful.

My third tip for you. Regarding your submission notes is to include a relevant special skill. If they're looking for someone who plays the guitar. You might say, I, am a professional guitar player or on in a band and I play bass guitar or whatever just let them know that you have the specific skill that's related if they're looking for someone who speaks medical jargon, you might say, well, I graduate from Harvard with a degree in biology, right?. Like I can speak this language.

So that is an example of something that's helpful, as opposed to something that's, just general and taking up time. So I hope that helps good luck in your online submissions and be sure to keep those notes brief and helpful. I'll, see you next week on the next episode of crew tips for actors,

Dated : 18-Apr-2022