How To ║ Restore Reset A ASUS Transformer Book Flip To Factory Settings ║ Windows 10

Hey, what's up everyone in this video I'm going to be showing you how to factory reset your Asus book flip. And this one is running Windows. 10, I believe the model number is they are 5 5, 4 l, customer doesn't, forgot. It can't get into it.

You know, if you have a password on yours, and you forgot it I'm going to show you how to do the hard reset. So you can start using it again, also if it's not booting up correctly, or maybe it has a virus by doing the reset it's going to erase it back to factory condition. So it.

Should start working normally again. Alright, so let's get started. Alright, so here we go has a password as you can see. It says, password is incorrect, try again. Alright.

So what we're going to do is we're going to hold down the shift key. And while you're holding down the shift key we're going to go over here to the lower right side to the power off button. We're going to click on it, and we're going to select restart, and we're going to continue to hold down the shift key all right.

So it's going to take you to this menu. Right here so you can select an option we're going to select the troubleshooting option we're going to select reset this PC here, we're going to select remove everything before we go ahead and do this I want to remind you if you can back up anything that you don't want deleted, go ahead and do that before you do this because this is going to erase everything on the computer back to its factory condition, it's all your personnel files. Pictures videos, everything's going to be erased also make sure you have it plugged in. To the power outlet to make sure that it doesn't turn off in the middle of the process. So once you're, ready, select remove everything all right. So here it's going to give us this selection right here. Your PC has more than one Drive.

Do you want to remove all files from all drives all right? So we're going to select all drives, and then we're going to select fully clean the drive that way. The computer is going to be fully clean and reset back to its factory condition. So we can make sure that, uh, there's any.

Viruses or anything going on everything's going to be completely wiped out all right. So then it brings us to this option right here. I just to confirm. It says, reset this PC all ready to go make sure your PC is plugged in, so it's, just reminding us to plug it in, and it's, just, uh, you know, confirming what it's going to do that it's going to race everything on the computer back to factory condition. So once your Headed, ready hit reset. And the reset process will begin all right. So, as we can see, it says, Resetting at 1%, all right, this process can take a little long.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to pause recording and continue recording once it's closer to 100% all right? So, yeah, I left. My Lefty laptop, resetting overnight, because it was taking way too long, I'm softer gets to 100% by itself, it's gonna automatically take you to this screen right here, which is the initial setup of the computer. So this means it was completely reset back to factory condition. All right. So that was how you do. The.

The factory reset through the doing that by doing the hard reset now I'm going to show you how to reset the Asus flip book through the settings, all right. So once you logged into your Asus book, you're going to go down here to the search bar. Alright? So you're gonna type in reset our. Es reset. And this right here is going to come up that says, reset this PC, so you're going to select that all right. And then once you're here, you're going to select reset this PC you're going to select get started all right.

And then. Here, you're going to select of these two options, remove everything. And the process will begin all right, but I'm going to select cancel because I already, reset it that's, how you do it through these settings? Alright, everyone.

So this is how you factory, reset your Asus book, flip that's, how you factory reset it by the hard reset and also the software, reset I hope, this video was helpful to you if it was, please give it a like and subscribe for more videos like this till next time? Guys, hey,

Dated : 18-Apr-2022