How To Put A New Camshaft In A Ford 400 Part 3

Got all cleaned got all the turned out, and then I poured two quarts of fresh oil and through the top and down through the bottom to wash out all the old oil, you know, went over everything with some PB Blaster. And then with some sea foam and then vacuumed out what was left. So whatever's left in here is new oil, PB buster. So that's, good and ya cleaned up all this area down here. It was nasty cover new dunk. So let's, uh, go take a look at all the new stuff to put in we got a brand new one of these.

There's some brand new of those yeah, let's. Go inside person. This is all the new stuff. You got a New Canaan air filter got water pump and timing cover gaskets gasket maker for the intake.

Another water pump guys get that I didn't need because. This Kenneth, one chump towels carpet, cleaner or filter. Lifters timing chain, a camshaft, cleaner, lubricant, additive and timing, I mean, water temp sensor and a new fuel filter. So I got all this new stuff here to install, and I still got about oil that's. The last thing. I have to buy as well.

So yeah, we're getting there. Okay, I did it, but I didn't film it because I don't have another person helping me, but to install your camshaft. What you want to do get you some latex gloves right there and some mineral water, and you want to wash all the gunk off your camshaft from the factory, and then you want to put on some assemblies Lube. And as you put it in put it on the first four lobes and move your hand all around and get it nice and covered in goo, and then put it in another.

Four lobes and make sure you get everything soaked in this. We live, and it's a real viscous, looking stuff like I mean, it's like syrup. So once you got her in there, hmm, you should be good, put your template back on I got my Tampa chain. But sadly, I left B bolt, but I'm a chained inside.

So now I have to go, get it, but I'm going to see if I can slide this on here right now. Okay, I got it to just slide right on there just two hands to one now I got my lovely, Oh, big, dude, you know, the big guy. So what I need to get. Me now is that bolt, so I'll be back. So remember what comes next on the list?

What in the world goes on after that? And before I can put anything on there, but that's, not too hard. It already comes off, pretty easy. Now, I have to go to base of scrapers. So I'm gonna work on getting that gasket off.

And then I guess we can do the timing cover got a brand-new gasket kit for it, and then a gasket for the water pump. And let me put the balancer back on. And we can put in some lifters, and then we fill it full of. Break-In oil and some additive, and we run it.

Well after that, we install the yellow intake, manifold, which I happened to modify I cleaned up this gasket, pretty good got all that rust out of there much as I could with this wire wheel welded this hole shut here. And I welded this thing on here, it uh was that big exhaust leaking thing. So that'll, keep exhaust from getting to a carburetor that'll, keep exhaust from leaking. And then for another beneficial factor, I'm going to close off that port in that port. And just leave open this port in this port in that port in that port. So I'm going to close off the big-ass ones that are the ones that cause the problem. So yeah, I'm going to do the gasket real quick and scrape it all off and try and clean it all up right?

I got that all cleaned up seems shiny. So this we can pop open. Let's. Go come on cover guys water pump. Gaskets are bearing gasket. There, our round thing here, all right, we got the water pump and the timing cover on, which took for freaking ever, and I'm.

Still not sure if it's a good seal or not because, it was totally screwed going in. So yeah, we got the bouncer bolted back in this thing bolted on I got the fuel pump kind of halfback on there. You can see the bolt sticking out. Yeah, it's just been the most Food us ever. So yeah, that is. This is the most problematic thing I've ever done to this engine, because it took me four hours straight just to get this freaking.

What do you call it time and cover back on I'd a halfway unbolt, the oil pan and that still? Was a pain in the ass, but I got it. So now I just got to put the bolts back in for the oil pan and that's going to be fun. So yeah, we're getting there slowly. But surely, oh, this will be a video.

Number four, I think, yeah, four. So like the video feel like it to sell you to get a comment below if you have any suggestions on this piece of and always subscribe and tell your friends to subscribe and tell their friends, yeah, that's what's up so see you all in the next, and I'm going to take in my lifters and. Take those in I don't, want them to get wet out here, see all the next one.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022