Hot Shot No Mess Fogger Easy Way Fast Way To Kill Bugs

Okay, guys I'm going to show you what we do before bombing, the house for roaches, or any kind of insects that you insects that you um, see at home. So the first thing we did was cover this with a plastic bag close it up. You can take it all out.

This is just the fast way I, don't have anything any bugs inside the these drawers I've, never seen one. So we didn't take out any of that stuff. And then we just put some bags here.

We closed it up. We just cover it up. So we didn't have to wash all that. And then put. Bags on here, that's just to cover it up. And then we put some hair in here, but we took them off. And then you just clear the counters make sure there's nothing on there.

We covered this no paper towel. You don't want the feels to go in here. Either we did. We have our utensils and like plastic cups and plates here.

And what we did is we just put them in bags like this, and just to make sure that none of the fumes get in there. And then on the open cereal, we did the same thing with our bread, and all that. Our bags everything is in bags, just to make sure that none of those fumes get in there. You can also take everything now and just leave those open in case.

You have any roaches or bugs in there that's. What you can do, you can take everything out and just put them in a bag. Also, if you have toys, kids toys, make sure you put them outside before you bomb the whole house and so that's. What we did, we took out the toys. And these are the these are the ones we got hot shot, no mess forger. And we have kids.

Here, so we just want to make sure that this is safe for them. So, um, just to be on the safe side. We did clean after this was over we what we did is we put these on every room even the hallway, and we left, we left the house for a couple of hours, and we came back I. Think we waited about six hours, and these boxes are like $7 at Lowe's. Our fries, Home Depot, you can see there.

So it comes with two or three and bear with me. My camera is not working right now. This is what they look like turn the light on. So.

You can see better, so it's, the green one is a different one. This one is a no-mess forger with neutralizer, no need to turn off pilot lights. So, and then this one is the green one I, don't know what the difference is, but I still clean, even if it doesn't make any mess, you just shake well. And you push the button, make sure that you don't breathe them bring this in. So you shake it.

You push the button. You leave it in the room, and you come out running. And then you push another one in another room, and then. You push it and you leave it running. So you start with the end rooms, and then you come to the kitchen, and at the end the living room and the kitchen, and then you leave that way you won't breathe and make sure you wear your gloves and mask before doing this. And then once we got back, we mopped, we mopped. We just did we cleaned everything all the counters all the tables anything that's that you touch, the bathroom, the counters, the sinks the handle door, handles and yeah.

So hope this is helpful for. You for if you have never used this before, this is a great idea for bugs, even you know, those little moths that get in your house I had some flying all over I, don't know if it was because of the because of the carpet, they look like dust, dust moths or dust, whatever they are, they were flying all over and I hated them. And we spray this, and I hope, hopefully we don't have those anymore. I do spray every six months. So I'm, very, very that's, that's, something that I cannot tolerate our bugs at home in my. House or around my bed, so yeah, give it a try guys you will like it turn them on close the door, just leave the house come back.

A couple like in the six hours, you'll be safe and open the doors, let it air out clean up everything, and you'll be good to go. And this I think this is like her through up to six weeks. It says keeps on killing up to six weeks, kale son contact.

So, so yeah, thank you for watching hope you liked the video, but I.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022