Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons & How To Get Them (All Horizon Forbidden West Legendary Weapons)

In horizon, forbidden west. We have a new rarity that is more powerful than the very rare purple items. You have to work for these orange weapons, though, but it will totally be worth. It's also interesting is that every weapon type has one legendary variant, except for the hunter bow, which has two I'll. Of course, tell you how to get these items as well without any spoilers whatsoever. Let's start with the hunter bows in particular the sun scourge, which a reward from completing all the rebel camps in the.

Game so the bigger camps also noted with a larger icon, and it will by the way leave a link to an article with all these locations in the video description, also for the other things I mentioned later on after doing all the camps. And the final mission that follows you can loot this bow, and it's, an insane elemental beast with three common elemental, ammo types that will be handy against many machines in the game and pretty crazy on the normal difficulty. Many machines will also instantly get the. Status effect after just one arrow, even the behemoths only needed one shot of this bow. Thanks to the high elemental build up. You can fee under the elemental damage, sure some bigger and apex machines required multiple shots.

But you can use the triple notch skill to load up multiple arrows on the boat to shoot them all at the same time. The big downside is the fact that these arrows are quite expensive. They require volatile sludge for every shot, which you can get from apex machines or larger. Machines and also loading them up is a bit slower than regular elemental arrows. And we also see that with the shock arrow from the death's seeker shadow hunter bow. So this is the other legendary hunter bow. It feels like the final version of the hunter bow.

We start the game with it deals amazing tear damage with just regular arrows. So you can easily detach machine parts with precise hits. And again, the shock arrows can help with that too just like with the sun skirt. You will need two arrows for. The larger machines after which you can very easily aim and hit specific parts. So you could say that with these two legendary hunter, bows, you're covered for most elements. But what is interesting is that this legendary hunter bow also has a special targeting arrow, which allows you to guide any overridden machine towards a specific target.

So nice, if you like to override machines a lot, I personally still need to spend more time with this machine master play style. But yeah, this should be key for that. A mouse will by the way not react to this arrow, which actually is kind of pleasant, otherwise, you could easily lose them when doing this tactic. So it's totally an fascinating arrow. But even if you don't use that type of play style, this bow is still a must gets. And you find it as one of the three legendary weapons in the arena, fender so let's, look at the other arena, weapons and way more legendary weapons.

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So first things first you can, of course, unlock the arena after doing the broken sky main mission. And then also completing the main mission that follows that which is recommended for level 17. Talk to the two ladies in front of the arena. They will have a side quest. And after completing that you can begin the arena challenges.

If you earn 80 medals by completing the fights under a certain time limit, they can buy your first legendary. Weapon at the arena fender, the order is up to you, but after completing all the challenges under that time limit, you can buy everything. We got the blast forge a broadcaster, the other website by the way also 80 medals. This one can be powerful, but you have to use it right?

And there are fun ways to enhance this power as well. One nice thing is freezing the machine first and then switching to this blast forge to unleash the magazine onto that enemy, totally use the sustained burst skill for this. We. Touched on this skill in our best skills video. This lets you unleash the full magazine, even faster for way, more damage combining that with concentration makes it even easier to finish this attack. And yeah, you see the damage come in of course, smart to focus on the weak points. Although this weapon also has special piercing bolts that ignore armor.

And they also have explosive ammo, which is kind of amazing. Now of course, just like with the other legendary weapons. If you take the time to upgrade them.

At the workbench, which is really end game stuff. They also unlock extra perks. And the final perk for the blast forge is called instant shocked chance. So the chance is very low, but every bolt counts as one. So you have a lot of chance when you unleash a full magazine, there are also mods like this, which you can buy at thorn marsh. These have a four percent chance to trigger which doesn't sound like a lot. But again, with the ball blaster, you can actually make it work, and it's incredible to out of nowhere.

See as it on the thunder jaw, when you're just shooting there's, no elemental, ammo type for this blast forge. But with this combination, you can still make it work. It's, pretty awesome now moving on to the final weapon from the arena, the forge fall also 80 medals. And as you might know, sharp shoot bows are really the sniper type of weapons. This time around focused on a lot of damage with a single shot. So which can enhance even more with the focused shot weapon technique to for example, instantly kill. Smaller machines, the regular arrow from the forge fall is just the perfect sharp shoot bow arrow with the same damage as steer so good at removing parts too, but making sure the enemy has a damage increasing status effect like the freeze will, of course, make sure that is even more effective like it's, very satisfying.

It feels kind of pro to take a tremor task out from far away like this with some well-placed focus shots he's, unable to do anything back. The bow also has an element. It can, namely shoot. Plasma with the advanced plasma arrow being able to instantly trigger the effect on a slither fang, then follow up with the regular arrows. And the plasma blast is full dealing more damage. Once the effect is over.

So yeah, it's a great weapon. If you like the play style, but yeah, the downside once again, is the ammo cast it's, a pretty expensive hobby to shoot around with this weapon, same by the way for the sky killer. This is the legendary spike thrower, which you can get from a side quest called the way. Home you find that one over here on the map, and you have to be pretty late in the main story in order to do it. So I would recommend that you just finish the main story and then go and get this. You might now spike throws by now heavy damage dealers that you mostly want to save for big machines like sure it can instantly kill smaller machines like the sharp shot bow.

But yeah, that's not worth the ammo cast now it's better against larger machines, especially in combination with the splitting spike. Weapon technique that rains down even more of these spikes onto the target. If you got the power shot valor search from the hunter skill 3, the spikes and the explosion that happens shortly after deals more damage, and you also do not consume any ammo, which is pretty insane. You can also throw fire spikes when you encounter enemies that are weak against that, although it will mostly deal fire damage instead of build up the effect. And this weapon is great in the arena, because you do not consume ammo. Here, so you can just spam it same for the wings of the 10 by the way both are really strong and resource hungry. So this is the legendary blossoming.

You get from collecting all the black boxes in the world. So the small collectibles also a link to an article with all the locations in the video description once you got all 12 of them, you have to bring them to the lady over here on the map who you encounter close to the broken sky. Main mission.

You also have to spend these boxes on her shop. Then talk. To her again, and then you should get the rewards. You could argue that this blessing is a more explosive solution against medium-sized machines.

So with the advanced bombs able to tear them apart very easily, yes, freezing the target once again, smart to enhance the damage for the explosions, but it's, not only about the damage with this one as the adhesive bombs should not be underestimated. If a machine tends to move a lot or has weak spots that are hard to hit then using a few of these adhesive. Bombs make it an extremely easy target. You can then follow up with explosives from this weapon or grab another weapon to more easily get the job done it's, really great also really great is the ancestors return.

But this one totally requires a lot of skill to get a lot out of it compared to the other weapons. I already mentioned, this is, namely, the legendary shredder gauntlet that you can get after handing in all the ornaments found in the relic runes, which you basically get after completing these. Locations there are eight of them.

And then you want to go over here on the map, you can talk to this person after the sea of the sand's main mission. Then just follow the errands to in the end to get the weapon again, a link to a guide will be in the video description. This might only be the weapon that takes the longest time to get. But once again, it's worth it. If you know how to use it, the idea with these shredder gauntlets is that you, namely, catch the disc you throw three times by also seeing. Where it goes, and then the fourth throw will be an explosion on impact, resulting in some nice elemental damage with the acid and shock disc ammo variants that you find on this weapon.

So you can have the status effects even on bigger enemies with just one disc if you play it right? The third ammo type is for try so amazing to remove parts, even before throwing that fourth explosion, one it once again, takes some time to get used to it, but it's really rewarding when you figure it out. Then the final.

Legendary is a reward for completing all the four hunting grounds again link to the locations in the video description. Once you got them all completed at the best rank, you will get a pop-up for this weapon. And I need to spend more time with it, because it has some interesting uses like the shield you can put down to protect yourself from ranged attacks wish.

We could like to shoot through it ourselves, though that would have been nice. Then we got the regular explosive wires, but they are advanced. So.

They cost more resources easily get the job done against smaller and medium machines, but are kind of a waste, and I did not really like them against the bigger machines either. Now my favorite ammo type with this weapon is the stagger beam. I already have some cool tactics here. But more on that soon I'm just curious about your favorite weapon type as well.

Let me know in the comments down below as I noted many times before I love the warrior bows. You also have a legendary one, the card just bane, but. I already talked a lot about this one, so it's, amazing its, perfect to get it from the races that start here. And then you can just follow them.

You do need to complete some main stories to be able to go to all of them, but yeah, follow that. And they get this incredible warrior bow, a like on the video would of course, really help me out and subscribe for way more horizon content. If you haven't already check out our other video by clicking on the screen, and for now I'll speak to you in the next one.


Dated : 18-Apr-2022