Let's go, knock them, dead Pelican, Fantasia hopping, all around the world, trying to find the key to success I've been knocked through the dark valley of the shadow of death. That was a mess, sometime I sit and think I made it out of the West very I'm blessed. And my channel a lot of boys. They survive later, eternally, rest, pay, my respect, yes, clear. Let me tell you something might want to pull up a chair. Something do you see me cooking up a bed something bar, see it looking boy, get your over in your sword because. The devil here playing Knight, the storm hit us, but we clear bugger took the Lord where the Queen's get a night live from the underground and something they emerged when they heard the chants either trying to avoid all the Bathsheba's that destroyed all the black leaders.

Now cap can't hold it back. Neither guess that man made a sacrifice. They won't celebrate till the afterlife. Come on I feel like a pen like a ping David Villa contained, a bunch of repairs and money, Johnny's shop like a king, yo, like. A king like a sinner burn this track until this dream is like gotta celebrate because my team like you smiling in my face, but you really hated the ball Larry David on the ball. He created me with stand at all it's my destiny. And my palms, the best of me and my combo somebody brings me up Hammed.

Oh, listen to this pal and I. Hope you listen well, yesterday's bread. Destroying about dated fellow, what I mean is not propels. My flesh was inches.

Then put me back in the field. I have no use for this shield that. Armour heavy, surely enough like a friend, this is shrike accomplished I'm using any video here with under fair use if you have criticism, reporting teaching, etc., and please donate I do not make money from YouTube. And there are different ways to donate in the video links.


Dated : 22-Mar-2022