CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 9 | Ep. 12: “Nothing Stays The Same"

Oh, what's what's this, I say, sadly, we have closed. Thank you for supporting juniors throughout the decades. What this can't be happening? Oh, there you are you've been m.I.a lately. Yeah, I know we need to talk what's going on it's, not that I don't trust you.

I do. Okay. I don't trust Emerson.

Furthermore, I think they like you too much. Well, I talked to them like I told you, I would, I don't know still makes me uncomfortable. So what am I supposed to do it's me or them?

Either be my girlfriend or be Emerson's friend? You. Can't have both I'll let you choose by the end of the day. So first, you have to memorize these right, no problem. You'll do great plus Gus will help you out twice a month you'll meet with the student council advisor to go over like meeting minutes and upcoming events right? Okay?

Then, once a month you'll have this fireside chat, kind of thing with the students in the cafeteria, where they'll tell you what they need or want, and you'll help them find a way to get those things that sounds easy enough. Oh, and today after school, you have to help me run the concession stand for the soccer game got it? Oh, wait. I can't today, I have science Olympiad, well, I'm sure Gus can cover for you. Oh, I also took the liberty of making you a list of all the responsibilities of the president you're going to do so great.

This shouldn't be too bad, right? Oh, boy. Can I have one? Oh, what's going on with you nothing, hey, isn't that your friend kinda, not really, oh, can I have those like no? Does anyone know where poppy is guys. This isn't, the first practice, she's missed. And what about belle, uh, belle is selling hats.

You guys, if you want to qualify for regionals this year, you have to start showing up to practice I'm. So disappointed can someone track down poppy's at a doctor's appointment. I guess she just forgot to tell you she's really been phoning it in lately.

Huh? This is completely unacceptable and uh, Simone I'm. Going to need you to turn that frown upside down? Okay, you guys.

If you want to level up, we got to bring. Level up kind of energy. Okay.

So let's run it again without them. Ready? Five?

Six, seven, eight, hot, dogs, get your hot dogs. Here require some help. I thought you were science Olympiad as interim student body, president I'm learning to go where I'm needed great then get over here and start selling some snacks. You've got it. Hey, can I get a hot dog? Of course, um that'll. Be 2.

15. Thank you. Thanks for letting me set up shop here, it's, the least I can do you've helped people so much it's been fun totally. We should. Do a promo like buy a hat and tea and get a few bucks off. I love that idea you are good, yeah, you know, just watching both my ex-girlfriends flirt with other guys, no big deal.

Okay, Layla. What the heck yesterday you said, we could be friends and today, you're being super weird. Am I being odd?

You totally ignored me at lunch it's, really lame you can't just be honest with me, wait I'm. Sorry. Come back Simone is making me choose either being her girlfriend or being friends with you that's ridiculous is it. Though, yeah, it is I'm not so sure so that's it then you're picking her she's, my girlfriend, I have to you're really not the person. I thought you were sorry about that. Oh, no problem.

Maggie, wait you're. Not mad. Oh my gosh, no, of course, not now get back out there. Go out away.

Yo because come check out our setup over here, sick looking good guys. Thanks. Oh. Thanks to belle she's. The one with the artistic eye, oh, thank you for the help I'm. Ben by the way Claire get back on the field, oh, hey, kiddo I'm afraid, we're. Closed, I know that's?

Why I'm here how about a muffin? Oh, hi, again, sorry, you guys lost. I mean, well, not really I'm happy had a way one you win. Some you lose some that's the spirit. So look, this might be too forward. I know we just met can I maybe get your number?

Oh, yeah, for sure you can't close look I'm, not happy about it either, but I'm old. And I got a pretty good offer I'm sure they're going to open up another coffee spot. It won't be the same listen kiddo. Nothing stays the same forever and change. Could be good, but change can also be bad. Please junior Ottawa will be Ottawa without juniors anymore. Sure it will, but it won't eat your mouth.

Sweetheart it's going to be okay. Poppy. I have to go. Thanks for the muffin junior. Hey, what's going on. What do you mean you lied to me? I was going to do homework with walker, but he had a game.

So I went to cheer him on. Then we went to get ice cream to celebrate their win. I don't get why you're getting so mad. You ditch dance to flirt with walker. So I lied to coach. Coop for you, I think you're really overreacting what's that all about just dance team stuff. So I choose you Simone, of course, I cheat to you next time on chicken girls so that's, it then you're all just quitting.

What if my parents sell the house, this could be our last chance to dance together? Whoa. I got a better way than you.

Well, I didn't really study. I have an appeal meeting after school. Isn't Emerson going to be there. I thought you made your choice.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022