Battery Powered Busking Amp Shootout

Hello everybody, this is Adam here for a string. And today we are looking at acoustic amps and more specifically amps that we can go busking with. Now we have taken four amps from three different brands, all of which have the ability to be battery-powered, two of which are chargeable batteries. And the other two are replaceable batteries that you can buy let's have a look at the models.

Now, the first step is the Amos one for Street. Now, this is chargeable battery. Next of that is the Roland. Street cube X. Now, this is the big brother of the street cube.

This one takes AAA batteries in a power pack. The smaller brother of that one is the Roland Street cube. Now, this is one that you probably see in time and time again, on sort of your city streets and tongue town centers and things. This one just runs on a batterie and next to that is the brand-new Fishman. This is the load box mini charge. This also is a chargeable battery.

So just in terms of the battery power and packs and things we found. It to be far, far easier and more convenient to charge it up, take it with you, and it's done. So this video is purely a situational tone test. We've taken these amps out for the morning this morning and just gave a strum and a sing in a famous pond, freeze location. And we just wanted to see how each one sounds. Now we were quite surprised just how different each amp sounded they vote. They've all got their own characteristics, and you can definitely tell each one apart now we're going to play the little.

Section for you now, and we will come back and see you on the other side jumping out of my kitchen I've been there, just fine Shroud, kiss DDR. Life is just changes. Can take something me because, I'm, Mr. Bright side.

So that was that that was the curse, one for streets. The fishermen load box mini charged the Roland Street cube X and the Roland Street cube now, I'm sure you'll agree that there is a massive difference in these amps tonally, what we found, and we never ever review. We never give our opinions. Because obviously we work in music retail, you know, this there can be some bias opinions thrown about what we've found in what we're taking from this is you really do get what you pay for we think now you may disagree. You might think that you know for the price difference between say, the cheapest, the most expensive is it really worth it free for a busking situation.

We don't know, that's for you to decide, and we will see what you think in the comments. So that's, if I have been adding phrase. Strings if you liked the video just give us a thumbs up, if you're not already subscribed to our channel, just click the red box down below and stay up to date with all the videos that we're doing there are quite a lot of videos coming out in the next few weeks, because we've got a couple of clinics in store things like that. So keep an eye out for those follow us on Facebook. We are a string or at a string, UK same on Instagram, same on Twitter so come along and join us for the ride. So. That is it, we will see you in the next video very, very soon bye.

Bye, dew, day, day,

Dated : 18-Apr-2022