#10 Ole Miss Vs Mississippi State | College Football Highlights

Ball in and was down before it was just live with tempo. They quickly snap it and fly doesn't find much at all that was very close on that first play fourth down, straight ahead and met in the backfield, a turnover on downs to start the game. Aaron's really knifing in see the right side of the offensive line collapse and Brul come right around the edge and make the play in the backfield there are two defenders in the gap on the back side, it's a fantastic play. Second, two now bells died down with. Their team on offense out of the backfield is Dylan Johnson and that'll be a first down at the 21-yard line smith made the tackle the best pass rusher for the rebel third down and 12.

Rogers gonna check underneath the johnson is going to be ripped down by chance. Campbell who is fourth in the sec at 8.1 tackles per game only had his struggles with speed, rushers Nolan McCord comes on to attempt the field goal to start the night, and he nails. If he's eight of 13 on the year. Now, analytics. Game that lane plays he's, not afraid to go for it at any point on the field, depending on how far they have to go most in the power five for going forward on fourth down, Drummond, look at this just gliding past midfield, Ontario, Drummond, blessings of advantage that they have second and four looks to drum into the other side now.

And they found a little something swinging Ontario Drummond around in that orbit motion in the backfield kicker, not in action. Tonight third down and five. Matt corral, trying. To slither his way for a first down, and he does, he splits out of that bunch formation, corral on third and goal, trying to split defenders, and then it's taken down at the line of scrimmage randy. Charlton was the first to get to him, it's.

The starting assignment tonight, his first field goal attempt, and he puts it through so good for kale nation who steps in for Cayden, Costa complete throws perfect throws against tight coverage. Here he is on first down. Plenty of time protection has been much better. In recent weeks, too Sakai, pull Katie short pitch, and it will be a first down for Mississippi state, third and five inside screens able to keep his footing as Sakai hulk for a bulldogs first down.

And it certainly struggled throughout 2020. Second and six downfield strikes, it's going to be first in goal as rogers connects with Austin Williams, they send pressure, and they get them. Mark Robinson with the sack of will roger ford made from 34 earlier this from 29. And with that Mississippi state goes up 6-3. They drop eight against rogers in this air raid and going underneath the coverage for a first down. He is able to connect first and five after the penalty Johnson's going to go to the other side made the first man, miss, and he's, just short of that line to gain KD hill with the tackle pick a guy, miss, and they're out the gate.

Third and one, and it'll be a first down will roger in stride back shoulder to Sakai pulse, how about the throw low and away for Polk? Who does a great job on the body control? Getting his hands underneath it on the back shoulder, accord he's made from 34 and 29. And this stays to the right. Matt corral, they ran a stunt, and he's able to get it over the middle flag is down as he connected with Jonathan Ming, corral tries to spin out of it, throws it as he's going down. Nathaniel Watson was draped all over him.

And you can see the black line that's. The initial line of scrimmage does the ball get back to the line of surfaces when you throw it away. It has to get beyond the line. Of scrimmage, and it does not it's, two yards, short, second and 22., what a dart by Matt corral Braydon sanders with the reception, second and seven quick to the outside drummond, utilizing blocks and is inside the 40 and then spins for even more fresh legs back out there for the defense showing a gap pressure. They come off of it. And look at that scene for snoop Connor, and it's a first down ole, miss from a yard out and powering his way.

In is snoop Connor. 25Th rushing, touchdown of his career. And with that ole, miss is out in front rogers steps, up in the pocket drives, it ahead and gets it complete second down rogers going downfield again and up and coming down with.

It is Malik peace. He has bounced back the last two games, and he comes up big here, what an unbelievable play by two Lou griffin on the back shoulder, prince can't, reel, it frees we're going to identify him as Lulu griffin, the speedy receiver, and he goes back to him here. So lady trick, Toulon, griffin making his presence felt out. Of the backfield is marks, woody marks, and it'll be first and goal. Mississippi, state rogers to the end zone should have been a touchdown to Lou griffin who did such a great job on this drive had one right in his hands. Eight, throw underthrown fade and Lulu griffin just can't, reel it in from 33. And he kept it right down that same alley that he just missed on kept it.

Right? You can see the disappointment Nolan, McCord walk-on who stepped in kicked early on this season when Brandon reeves wasn't. Available leech turned to him again. In recent weeks, Reese had the job had some inconsistencies and mike leach that kind of reaction rogers on third and five. This is Johnson took time to bobble it.

And then just gets run down miles battle was the first to get to him here. He rarely makes him here as a fourth year player quickly gets it out into space. And with a stiff, armed Ontario, Drummond we'll, get it out to the 32-yard line and Justin as teams have tried to play that defense against him this year. Ely finding a seam and fly goes ahead with fly, and they'll, get it to Drummond who is able to turn the corner and look at Ontario Drummond, just gliding downfield going to run himself, quarterback drawings got room inside the 10 and tries to get to that goal line. But he'll be marked down at about the one-yard line. First and goal, ole, miss in half Connor, straight ahead and straight in third and ten.

They dropped eight had to switch hands. And then he is sacked by Sam Williams one of the best in the. Country at taking down the opposing quarterback that's 11 and a half sacks on the year for Sam fourth down and seven for rogers and Mississippi state. And he has brought down semi Williams does it again, his second sack of the night Connor motions back in behind corral. And then they go on the slant for the first down to Drummond first down, rebels, fourth, down, ole, miss, fourth and four corral looks to fly blockers in front of the engine, it's, a first down, rebels, third and two and going ahead for the. First down corral, looking to run spins his way in fourth and five batted down that was chance Campbell getting up and rejecting it on fourth down tonight first down. This time upended is Jonathan Ming, corral on third and seven.

And that ball is intercepted Jeff Johnson with a blocker in front and the linebacker from Tupelo, hi jet Johnson look at him. He carries number two that's the guy inside. And then he breaks on number one that's, the guy coming out underneath second down to the end zone. Touchdown Mississippi state, Jaden wally. And now the shift for the potential onside, kick let's. See if it goes to 10 yards, it is field it's a loose ball, and it looks like ole, miss jumps on it, going north and south and that's exactly what he does.

And with that paddle leverage, he is able to get the first down to the 30-yard line. So morale looks left looks right downfield to the end zone and overthrows Drummond. But a flag is down right at the goal line. Colin Duncan coverage, defense number 19. And. The pi call, and there was a lot of contact balls was a little high, but it right there.

I mean, Colin needs to turn around and try to make a play as you can see he's clearly, draped on the wide receiver, that's, a good call from the official. And this is offense signature. Elaine, Kyffin, fist pump.

Zach Arnett, the look of concern. And that does it with fly dagger in Starkville. It just depends on whether they would jump Cincinnati who is clearly in the driver's seat right now, but it's a close game. Against the best team in the country, there's going to be a lot of debates to be had when we have that conversation of the best team. Well, I still think your conversation brought up as Marx takes it ahead for the first down up under three minutes to play in fourth down here. And woody marks will have the first down trying to shake his way for more. And he does so to the 11-yard line at all and see the effect it has on the opposing offense marks into the end zone.

Still fighting to the end is woody marks. And the bulldog team watermelons hit or double pops it as they shift over to the right gets the second hop the way you want it, but it is recovered by sanders as the hands team, played very well in the fourth quarter in each the last three games fourth down and two to close it out Healy tripped up going to have a turnover on downs comes the officiating. I thought Bryce young's response was sensational. Don't worry about the officials go out there and play some ball Dylan Johnson as he makes his way.

Past midfield and rogers slings it underneath to johnson with a win against their 16 that'd be bowl eligible rogers as he goes inside the 20 seconds here of this game and that'll stop the clock with four seconds remaining as he connects with Austin Williams you get to see them tomorrow on ABC and then bed, one Saturday rogers, and that will be the final play and ole miss on the road, a 31-21 winner in the egg bowl 94th battle of the golden egg.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022