451 Degrees SaaS Graffiti PICK ME PLEASE!

Hi I'm, Patrick, get 1 I'm here to show you graffiti. The software is a service created by 451 degrees as you can see isn't over you here we have read a total of around 58 million comments. And over 321 million words on our current database, using some Facebook pages for different entertainment, news, politics, sports and tech pages. Let me show you what it looks like when we get into what we deal with the topic mining. I will first go into Disney, which is someone who we've been working. With recently to showcase the features and how this works best as you can see Disney is posted 85 posts.

They have around 9700 comments, but this shows their top comments. The data was posted. And of course, again, number of comments in the name of the post, what we're doing actually getting into data mining, this information and finding out what the true topics are. This is using artificial intelligence machine, learning and natural language processing root word, linguistics come in to create what are. Called topics, these three elements right here are the topics inside what are these 2300 comments. And eighty-three hundred words, 2,100, unique words, used inside just this post on one part of Disney's, Facebook page that was about Mickey's birthday as you can see. We are creating unique words that are becoming part of what should be or could be the SEO as it relates to all different verticals.

As you read comments around this post, no matter where it travels. We apply these same integrations into. Twitter into YouTube and into any other social beacon where they are putting their content another way to showcase. This is what we can do inside of ESPN, another Disney property, another situation where they have 9600 post, 3 million comments. We are able to better define what's inside these comments, not because of sentiment, but because of actual topic mining and language processing again.

This is showing keywords that are not usually used or put into context of what is relevant to content as it's. Being talked about or searched or prevalent to what's being said by the crowd, these are all new elements that nobody to date that we know of is taking and using to then create and shift these keywords into metadata that goes back into the ESPN website as well as back to Facebook or Twitter, or anyone else to create better search engine optimization within each vertical as well as the content itself. These same words then can be used as new keywords into search engine. Marketing as well as. Advertising tech, this is how the product works. This also shows different types of people in places that we can choose to follow throughout different areas within Facebook or any other social media platform. This also gives you an idea to some of our biggest and best clients that we have worked with thus far delivering and researching and showcasing, the different things that they have as far as product offerings within different social verticals as well as within their own databases.

This is. Something that we're looking to again, create with a better energy and a better flow, we recognize that we don't have the best of show with our graphics, but we do see the power of the product as it is being useful and used today. Thank you. And we hope we're decided.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022