Hello there everyone, this is Ted's coin, something awesome to share I. Am so excited to share this video because this is my first West Point us quarter. Okay, let me rephrase. This is my first Guam, West, Point quarters that I found okay and that's. Why I'm excited to share with all my viewers and subscribers I finally found a West Point, Guam war and the Pacific u.s. quarter.

Let me show you this will be your Denver. Mint. U.S. quarter. Could we have this D here that tells us that it was minted in Denver? And this will be your uppers for a circulated, quarter it's, really, really nice. And this would be your reverse war in the Pacific Guam, 2019, u.s. quarter. Now what I've noticed about the West Point quarter is a Blanchet I, don't know because I do not work at the mint, but my guess would be that this plant shirts that were minted on West Point coins or quarters.

This plant shirts were actually selected to be minted, or West Point minted, because the kids have a different look. Then you normal Blanchet. Engine or more shiny type its dollar, it doesn't, look as shiny, and I was able to see the difference from your normal Denver Mint. When I first found this one, because when I saw it, I, I got it. And of course, the first thing I, checked was the reverse side and the Pratchett looked different. Well, maybe because I pay attention to the metal itself, and it looked different. So as soon as I saw the difference on the Pratchett I said, this has to be a West, Point, Quarter and I turned it over.

And it was. So I was very, very excited to have found this 2019 Guam war in the Pacific West Point, you as Quarter awesome. This is so possible so that's, why all this new stuff I like sharing with you guys because we're still hunting for them? And we have the 2020s right around the corner, February it's, the month to start your exciting coin, hunt, guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. So don't, forget. These quarters are out there.

They are still out there. Your W West Point us quarters. They are still out there I found. This one and a roll of Bank, rolled of quarters, randomly I went to a local bank and I asked for fifty dollars worth. Of course. So I've got I was able to get five rolls because it's a ten dollar roll.

And it was their mixed along with other us. Quarters all from different years, different states. But this one came out to be a Western quarter.

So I was all excited because I was able to get a West Point Guam war in the Pacific u.s. quarter. Hope you like this guy's continue your coin hunt. These quarters.

Are still out there. Thank you all for subscribing. Thank you all for liking and enjoying my videos. Jimmy Alex. Thank you very much for subscribing Chanel. Thank you for subscribing Joseph. Thank you for subscribing.

Iron, Cross, take care buddy in his honor. Thank you. Joe went. This Bettie, EGS EGT. Thank you all very much. Miss Carson, Mr. May bin, Gabriela, Armand, Lottie's.

Thank you very much king and queen. Thank you very much. Hope you enjoy this video and I will be posting another video soon you all be. Safe take care bye. Bye.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022