2003 To 2009 BMW X3 Misfire How To Diagnose It And What Was Wrong ?

Welcome to mobile electronic diagnostic today, we have xc3 2009. And when you are talking about xs3, that means BMW, there is x5. And this is the mini size of the x5.

It could be x3. What happened is this car right now is running our problem is if you notice at the tail here you see like there is some kind of you see that you feel like how the muffler is vibrating. And we have a checking your light on, and it's shaking when you have this kind of issue. The first thing you have to do let me turn the. Radio, the first thing you have to do is to diagnose the car do not go and assume it will not help diagnose is more important in this case, so I'm going to go to diagnose. I will go to VIN. I want to check it by VIN.

If I can pull the VIN number, it will give you the ho, the detail of the car piece by piece. Also, if you need anything for your car, I'm, going to put a link below that it will take you to the place where you can get your vehicle accessories from light bulbs, brake, uh, brakes, uh, any. Mechanical any performance items or mechanical repair items, I will put a link for in there. So you can look for your product. If you want it.

Okay, we have the VIN number. If you check from the left to the right number 10 is the year of the car. So William one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Ten is number nine after between w and two nine.

That means this car is two thousand nine I'm going to break it down. No I'm. Sorry.

I push. I just click on read again. It will read me the win again. So you're going to go to okay, it will break it down for you. Okay, I'm going to say, okay. Now you see accessories. 3.5 n52 us.

Okay, I will say, yes. And now I'm going to do one thing do you want to diagnose the whole car or just, uh, the check engine. Light I'm gonna just go to the engine computer. Because that is my concern if you want to diagnose the entire car, it has the way of doing it.

So now you have vehicle profile. It may give you some information again for the same car service. There is some service. That you can reset items coding, if you put any part new in this car, and you want to quote it, but I'm going to go to diagnose will give you two options auto scan is good for complete scanning the car control unit. You have to choose what you want to diagnose the every car, the divide, most of the car are divided by drive, which mean include engine transmission and uh, 4x4, no, you know like engine.

Stuff fuel pump module. All this chassis has anti-lock brake. And other is a body is anything from. Windows seats and all this system.

So I'm going to go back, and I will click on drive. You see drive have all this. You have engine transmission. Furthermore, you have, uh, all these are kind of different from you have the EWS, which is responsible for key and security. And then also you have a fuel pump. Some car have a fuel control module fuel. And then the transfer case for four by four cars.

So I'm going to go to engine here, I'm going to choose engine in the engine by the way, if you have a small scanner, only for engine and. Transmission, it will give you only engine. Maybe it will not give you more detail about other stuff.

But this one have a lot of function. Even if a bidirectional that means, if you want to use, you want to control windows, see it. They can move for you, so I'm going to go to read codes when I go to read code, it will look for what happened.

You see digital more electronic, cool and pump power present data interface message, electric coolant pump. They say they have a coolant pump problem. Also, variable. Timing savants have a code. Okay, coulomb pump.

Those codes are present right now. Alternator message, alternative missing. Wow, also mixture control, two exhaust veins. Now, when you come to all this, it could be available for this is a last one. We have two nine. D. Zero let's say, the cylinder number four is misfire.

So that is one that is severely affecting the car, but this car has other issue too. If I go back I'm, not going to clear the code, but I go back if this customer need. Now you can just deal with the cylinder why? So now I'm going to go to something called data. I need to see if it's smooth running value. So let me see smooth running value.

It will show us if really cylinder number one is misfired or not. Okay. You see here you're going to see all the value of cylinders. You see cylinder.

Number, five. We don't have five. Okay. Five.

Yeah. Cylinder. Number five cylinder. Five, true running minus two cylinders.

Number, uh, three, minus two one to two cylinders. Number one, Minus one to four point, three cylinder number two on the other side, minus two to, you know, just minus two to one two to one. They never exceed three, you'll, notice them, but go to cylinder. Number four see is five almost to six that's, render number four. So the misfire is on cylinder. Number four, that's our problem now, okay. So you already know that now cylinder number four is not good.

It could be a spark plug. It could be a coil. Furthermore, it could be an injector. Now we have to go inside the car and look for. If I going to give you data, I'm going to click here to give you a data, and now I'm going to click here to give you a data, you're going to see that the misfire level on cylinder.

Number three is low and cylinder number five. And number four is high almost five point. Four, five point. Five, five point two. We need two to one the true running idle zero, minus not even over minus it's supposed to be minus one to two. But this one here it not only go minus is exceeded minus to come to five over. That means the misfire.

Is very high what you need to do you're going to swap the coils and see if that from the coil swap the injector, if you don't wanna, if you don't, want to buy injectors, and then from there, look at the like there are some tests. There are some tests that are going to happen when you finish those tests and everything will look okay. And then you would take it from the last time we have the same car, and we are changing.

We change the injector and that fix the problem you're, not going to go change part. You have one. Option spends some time look at the continuity on the injector look at the container, swap them for cylinder. One, two, three and see if it's move if it doesn't move, it could be something else if it's move that's.

Also, one of the tests check also the command of the computer for the coil and the command of the computer for the injectors. There are a test that you may need to follow. And then you will get the issue. But here we already narrowed down the issue where exactly and where we're. Going to work, thank you for watching mobile electronic diagnostic. This is Muhammad Arun, Idris and see you in another video I'm going to put a link down there.

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Dated : 18-Apr-2022